Monday, May 23, 2011

I passed 50 lbs today!

I haven't written anything in this blog lately.  I'll be honest.  I overheard some negative things being said about me.  I was angry and hurt at first, but I remembered why I was writing this blog and what was important.  I write this blog for me and I am what is important.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but that is how I really feel.  If people aren't interested and don't want to read this then they are free to skip it.  I write this blog as a form of therapy for me I am changing in so many ways.

I am so proud of myself!!!  Today I got on the scale and realized that I have passed the 50 lb. mark!  I have lost 51 lbs.  That is as much as my 7 year old weighs.  It is amazing, I look at my daughter and see exactly how much weight I have lost.  I have lost an entire small person.  I wrote in the questionnaire, prior to my surgery, that I wanted to lose 50 lbs. by 6 months  post-op.  That is so unbelievable!  I have surpassed my 6 month goal in only 6 weeks. 

My clothes are baggy and I look like I have baggy butt in my jeans, but I am so proud of myself.  I am discovering that I have some old shirts that I grew out of.  I am shrinking back into them.  I can't wait to get out my summer clothes and see what I cannot wear this year.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

I took the stairs!

Tonight I was invited to sit in the Three Rivers Corp. suite at the Loons game.  The box is located on the 3rd floor.  There is an elevator right before you get to the stairs, but today I chose to take the stairs.  I made it and didn't feel like I was going to have a heart attack.  I am just amazed!  Unfortunately, the loons lost tonight, but I really feel like I won.  I also walked the long way around to the stadium.  I parked across the street and I could have cut across he grass, but I chose to take the sidewalk, which was the long way.  I really can't believe that I am choosing to use the stairs and walk the long way, but I know it is the best thing I can do for myself.  I worked a 12 hour shift today and I felt great!  I can really feel the benefits of this surgery.  I am so glad that I did this.  I also can't thank Dr. Fourman enough.  Had I not gotten to know him I don't know if I would have had the courage to give this gift to myself. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st goal met!!

As I prepared to have this surgery the team of support people I worked with suggested that I set some goals.  It was difficult at first to think of what I wanted to accomplish.  I mean, I knew I wanted to lose the weight, but I didn't want to make every goal about a weight goal.  Yes, this journey is about weight loss, but I don't want to become scale obsessed. One of the questions that was on the questionnaire was how much weight do I expect to lose in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.  I answered that in 1 month I hoped to lose 10 lbs.  I have totally blown that out of the water!  I have lost 40 lbs since March 27th.  I am totally astonished!  I didn't know that was even possible.  One of the non-weight related goals that I had was to be able to wear my wedding ring again.  I have not been able to wear it since I was 3 months pregnant with Brooke.  Tim kept telling me that we could have it re sized.  I always answered the same way..."Why can't we have me re sized?"  Well, I guess that is exactly what I have done because on Monday I tried to get my ring on and it went on.  Granted, it is a little snug and I can't get it off without using lotion or soap, but I got that baby back on!  I know it seems like a small accomplishment, but I accomplished it!  I can't wait to see what 3 months brings!!!