Monday, May 23, 2011

I passed 50 lbs today!

I haven't written anything in this blog lately.  I'll be honest.  I overheard some negative things being said about me.  I was angry and hurt at first, but I remembered why I was writing this blog and what was important.  I write this blog for me and I am what is important.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but that is how I really feel.  If people aren't interested and don't want to read this then they are free to skip it.  I write this blog as a form of therapy for me I am changing in so many ways.

I am so proud of myself!!!  Today I got on the scale and realized that I have passed the 50 lb. mark!  I have lost 51 lbs.  That is as much as my 7 year old weighs.  It is amazing, I look at my daughter and see exactly how much weight I have lost.  I have lost an entire small person.  I wrote in the questionnaire, prior to my surgery, that I wanted to lose 50 lbs. by 6 months  post-op.  That is so unbelievable!  I have surpassed my 6 month goal in only 6 weeks. 

My clothes are baggy and I look like I have baggy butt in my jeans, but I am so proud of myself.  I am discovering that I have some old shirts that I grew out of.  I am shrinking back into them.  I can't wait to get out my summer clothes and see what I cannot wear this year.  

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