Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surgical day

April 6th comes faster than I expect it to.  I don't have to be to the hospital until 7:30, but I'm wide awake at 5:15.  I shower and dress and wait.  The drive to the hospital is quiet.  Tim isn't saying much, he is nervous but doesn't want me to know.  I'm nervous too and I don't want him to know.  We make small talk, but nothing that has substance.  We are early and have to wait in the surgical waiting room.  We make some lame jokes about the decor, but we agree that neither one of us are funny when we are nervous.  Finally they come to get me for surgery and it all begins.  I am registered by Sue.  She is very nice and gets my humor.  We run through all of my questions and I change into my tent like gown.  I make a comment that this is the last time I will need the extra-super-large gown and Tim laughs.  Angie comes in and starts my IV on the first poke.  I worked with Angie for a few years on E-300.  We joke and  complain about the new computer charting system.  And again we are left to wait.  We are allowed 2 family members in the pre op waiting area, so my "sister" Chrys comes to sit with Tim while I am in surgery.  She comes in and she looks nervous too, but doesn't say a word.  We laugh and joke until Dr. Fourman comes in to see me and make sure this is what I want to do.  Ok, truth is we are still joking around when Dr. Fourman comes, but he understands my sense of humor.  I introduce him to Chrys since he has already met Tim and I say this is my sister Chrys,  Chrys this is Matt, I mean Dr. Fourman.  I have never called him Matt, but I guess nerves will do that.  Then they come and take me to the OR.  We all say goodbye and I start to really get nervous, but them I remember that I am in EXCELLENT hands and that I am going to do fabulous.  I'm in the OR for a matter of minutes as they position me and then they give me versed......That is all I remember until I am back in my room.  

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